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The Ford Elementary School Foundation provides financial support to our STEM Lab which is an effective method of science instruction that integrates content and hands-on exploration and helps students recognize the importance of math and technology in pursuing inquiry. STEM also integrates all other areas of the elementary curriculum. 



The process of investigating natural phenomena to discover and develop new principles to describe the world around us



The use of tools to facilitate science and engineering



The application of the scientific principles to solve practical problems



The language of science that is used to analyze the world around us

Environmental Education and Earth Parent Program

Over the past 25 years, we have remained committed to supporting an enhancing our award-winning environmental education program. We begin each school year by training close to 50 Earth Parent volunteers to enrich integrated content, and to extend hands on, inquiry-based learning into our outdoor classrooms. The Earth Parents facilitate six environmental base lessons yearly, and fifth grade will be working on a social studies enrichment project in the community Garden, researching World War II and planting Victory Gardens. The Math Garden, Story Book Gardens and Pollinator Gardens will be the Earth Parent’s focus for primary grades in the spring.  Our commitment to environmental education has earned Ford a Gold Level status for Keep Cobb Beautiful‘ s Green School Initiative. 

Ford’s model environmental program has served to mentor dozens of schools and organizations across the state and nation and continues to serve as a model school for the Captain Planet Foundation. We often present our award-winning program at national and regional conferences and have hosted our own learning Garden conference at Ford.

The Eagle Scouts are busy designing and installing projects across our campus. They receive annual recognition at our evening in the garden program. Ford has sponsored more than 20 Eagle Scout projects over the last 20 years.

Science Fair, Science Olympiad, and Math Olympiad

Science Fair/Invention Convention

Each year, all of our students are invited to participate in our schoolwide science fair. Students are encouraged to follow the Cobb County standards-based learning model. These guidelines are based on true scientific methods and procedures. Each of our students in grades 3-5 are given the opportunity during their time in the STEM Lab to develop a scientific question, hypothesis and procedures on which they can experiment and document at home. Projects are evaluated by outside judges who are part of our partners in education program top winners and grades three through five are invited to participate in the carb district science fair.

Science Olympiad

Elementary Science Olympiad is a team competition event that challenges students in 18 different categories that include scientific knowledge and in-depth hands-on experiences. This program is available, by application, to students in grades 3-5 with a maximum team size of 20 students. Students from Ford Elementary School practice after school for one hour each week to prepare for Science Olympiad tournaments. Ford students compete against teams from other schools at both the Cobb district level and the state level. Georgia has one of the largest statewide elementary science Olympiad tournaments in the United States.

Math Olympiad

Ford ES participates in the MOEMS® online organization. This is a nonprofit corporation [501(c)(3)] which provides opportunities for children to engage in creative problem-solving activities while developing a child’s ability to reason, to be logical, to be resourceful, and to be ingenious.

Like most worthwhile goals, there is no easy road to becoming a capable problem solver. One must recognize that this is an important and desirable goal, and that it may take considerable time and effort to realize it. The more time and effort invested, the more one is likely to learn.

Being able to solve a difficult problem is one of the most satisfying experiences one may have. On the other hand, struggling with a difficult problem should indicate to your child that he or she has found something worthwhile and new to learn. Learning how to solve a problem and to understand its underlying mathematical concepts are the most important goals of mathematics education.

The Goals of our Math Team are the following:

Developing enthusiasm for problem solving and mathematics

Deepening the understanding of mathematical concepts and strengthen ability to use these concepts

Considering concepts that they might not otherwise encounter

Enriching experiences in intellectually stimulating and significant mental activities

Building a stronger foundation for assessments and for future mathematics studies

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